Voipdoup introduction

voipdoup support SIP and IAX2 protocol VOIP,which can be used in pc-pc,pc-phone,phone to phone by callback!can call all world phone number.

free call pc-pc

any one using voipdoup can make free call another by download soft appliction in pc or by ip phone or voip gateway.
usage:888+webaccount, dial 10000 to recharge account, dial 20000 to query balance.

cheap call pc-phone

have used voip-software,ip phone or voip gateway can make a call to all world fixed and mobile phone by very cheap rates.
0.01 us dollar to call china, USA,UK. more visit:http://www.voipdoup.org/rate.php
usage:country or area code + phone number.

phone to phone

voipdoup account binding fixed or mobile phone number,can make a call by callerid-callback.
usage:binded number,then dial 862968942733(out china)or 19146147625(out USA),the call will be hangup,the system callback soon,answer it,then dial the number you want to call.then talking freedom.

wap or web callback

sign up a voipdoup account,top up it, sign in http://wap.doup.cn,input account and password,your phone number and the number that you want to call,then submit them. the system will call two side.then you talking.

use in mobile

download fring to your mobile,setting voipdoup in it. then you can use it in your mobile.sms download this by visit:http://www.voipdoup.org/fring.php
voipdoup can rent a voip-in number to let fixed or mobile call in.

use in voip-software: download Xlite here install it, then setting it : display name:voipdoup cardnumber user name:voipdoup cardnumber password:voipdoup password authorization user name:voipdoup cardnumber Domain:sip.voipdoup.com then talkig freedom

use in ip phone. ip phone is is a kind of voice communication terminal which is based on wide band and independent of PC .can support sip and iax2 protocol.

use in voip gateway.A VoIP gateway is a network device that converts voice calls, in real time, between the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and an IP network